The Schroth Method- What is it?


Andrew Merget, PT, DPT
Doctorate of Physical Therapy


At Physical Therapy & Beyond, we use the “Schroth Method” to treat & diagnose patients with scoliosis.  The Schroth method is a specialized type of conservative Physical Therapy treatment for those with scoliosis.  It can be used for patients of all ages and in all stages of treatment that is specific to the individual patient’s curve pattern.  The exercises are based on the curve pattern, the curve severity, the patient’s age and level of function and fitness.  The goal of the exercises are to create awareness of postural alignment through proper positioning and repetition. Through specific exercises and corrective breathing techniques, the method aims to elongate the trunk and correct imbalances of the body.  The result is a decrease in pain, slowing, or halting the curvature progression, and improved cardio-pulmonary function, mobility and postural stability.

Still have questions? Call Andrew at either one of our locations. For East Setauket: 941-3535 and Smithtown 361-5111.


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