New Wheels!

So, check this out. I had no adapter for my tire compressor, therefore
attempted to utilize my mini pump.   Instead, I just let all the air out. I
had to ride my mountain bike to train last Tuesday as the bike shop didn’t
open until 1/2 way into my ride. That was a fun, yet trying bike ride,
attempting to keep up with Patty!
I took my antiquated bike in last nite (guess that would be 2 nites ago,
since I am blogging past midnite!). All I needed was “free air”. But ain’t
nothing free these days. What do I mean by that?… well, I ended up getting
sold a new set of wheels. Yes, that’s correct, after putting over $500 into
the Terry bike, you know, the one in the photos with the smaller front wheel
that is continually causing me knee pain. Well, after Nelson at Campus bike
shop in Stony Brook took one look at that bike, he immediately told me
that, although “way back when” that was the only way to fit a small woman on a bike, they have better ways today! He pulls down this gorgeous Trek &
let’s me take it for a spin.  I feel in love! Wow, so NOW riding IS
enjoyable. Talk about abusing my body! (Hopefully) it explains why I can’t
ride with the “A” riders…although I was catching up! Oh, yeah…see that small green object in the background…that is Patty (an”A” rider) racing to her rock, at West Meadow Beach! Guess I have some more practicing to do, to catch up!


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