So, I decided that due to time constraints, I would cycle to my office, meet with my personal trainer & then cycle home.

All, in all, a great idea. However, riding on rte 25A, attempting to avoid RTE 347 during rush hour, proved to be a more dangerous feat than riding my 500 lb bike (yes, my motorcycle!). Between the potholes, windy road with little to no shoulder & the debris, it was quite the adventure.

At least on the big kid bike, I have a loud horn!

I survived the “to” part of the ride, unscathed.  My gym workout, was another story! No pity from Cathy! I had to ask her if she understood my mode of transportation & if so, why were we doing legs?! She told me, “it’ll be easy, no worries”.  Uugghh!

I decided it was safe to conquer RTE 347 on the route home. It would cut 3 miles off my ride & that helped my time constraints.

Thinking it was a nice flat ride, I didn’t factor In the wind. As coach Ken calls it “Flat hills”! no kidding.


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