Birthday Ride

What a great day to ride! Even though the sun was nowhere to be found, it
was a comfortable temperature with no sprinkles, although my weather station said “light rain”. No freezing fingers or toes. Great route, with hills
leading up to the rest stop at 24 miles. The team continued on to 55 miles
today, but due to the knee injury I sustained during the 46 mile ride AND
because it was my birthday, I opted to have my son pick me up at the first
rest stop. We went out to breakfast together (no, it wasn’t Mickey D’s!).
So, what about the knee, you ask? Well I adjusted the seat height after the
last ride & it felt great for the first 8 miles. Then, instead of the
lateral (outside) of my knee giving me flack, this time it was just below my
knee cap. Great, I’m thinking, now I have patella tendinitis! This is NOT
supposed to happen to a physical therapist! So, I do whatever I can, without
missing a pedaling stroke! I stretch. I change my cadence (keep it light, my
trainer, Cathy, would say). I stood for all hills. I changed the pressure of
the stroke, focusing on my hamstrings. I even pedaled more with the right
leg, at times. The best solution seemed to be, talk to Mary & Vinnie. It
distracted me from the discomfort. Thankfully, it never reached
“unbearable”, just reinforcing that I made a great decision to stop at the
1/2 way point today…even before I started!
Vinnie, who was he? Well, I thought he was some new guy I hadn’t yet met
until today. You know, who could recognize anyone with the helmet & cold
weather gear! So, we start riding & he says “Cindi”. I’m like, “yes”. He
tells me his name & I was excited to find out he was one of my success
! We had fixed his knee & now he could start riding again! Cool. Even
cooler that he rode in B group with Mary & me!
The best part of these grueling rides, besides raising the funds, is the
caring people you meet each week.
Gotta go & rehab this knee.


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